Agencies Have Widespread Skills (12/33)

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We could hire in an in-house marketer, but likely they would not be an expert across every area of marketing. ‘Marketing’ in itself, describes a wide range of different activities; each of which has their own nuances. A marketer can spend a whole lifetime learning and never learn all there is about Adwords – let alone learn enough to become an expert across all marketing channels.

Marketing agencies on the other hand, hire in a variety of experts to cover different marketing areas. No matter how our marketing plan shifts, our marketing agency is able to add a member to our account that is an expert in any specific marketing area. For us to do that in-house, we’d have to interview and hire multiple staff members – and we probably still wouldn’t be as effective as our agency is in delivering results.

Contributors: Mike Sims from ThinkLions

Written by Zak Parker

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