An Odd Santa Replacement (5/10)

On the 8th of December, the children receive a Caga Tió (Poo Log). This is a small log with a smiley face, wearing the traditional red Catalan hat (the Barretina). From the 8th of December until the 24th the children have to take care of the log, covering him with a blanket and feeding him Turron every evening. By the 24th the Poo log should be nice and full, thus he will poo out lots of treats.

After dinner, The children are given a stick with which they hit the Caga Tió, while singing the song:

Caga Tió (poo log) hazelnuts and turron If you don’t want to poo,We will hit you with a stick.

Contributor: Jorge Bastos from

Written by James Metcalfe

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