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Many people believe every brilliant idea begins on the back of a napkin. Not true! Most start in the shower. And people who get great ideas in the shower need to capture that inspiration before they lose it.

Introducing a waterproof notepad called AquaNotes(r)! This notepad suctions to the shower wall and allows shower thinkers to write down their thoughts before they’re gone. In addition to providing a method for business people, entrepreneurs, authors, songwriters, artists, comedians, software developers, and many other creative individuals to record their ideas and inspiration, the notepads also provide a fun way to doodle and make to-do lists.

Contributors: Mark Knudsen from AquaNotes

Written by Ben Skute


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  1. I have used a dive slate for a long time to jot down ideas while showering. Not very efficient, but this looks like it has a lot of potential! Ordering now and will report back!

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