Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Education of a Bodybuilder (7/9)

I’ve read countless biographies, but the one I would say surprisingly inspired me the most and had a profound and positive effect on my life was the one by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s the first half of his book; Arnold Schwarzenegger; The Education of a Bodybuilder. I was 16 when I read it.

Even though this was a book about transforming one’s body, it was more about transforming one’s mind. To this day, I’ve lived by those principles I learned in that book. Because of it, I’m now a successful comedian, writer, and actor in New York and like Arnold, I came a long way from around the world to America to make it happen. Also, although I have no interest in bodybuilding, I still work out religiously so yes, decades later, I still adhere to what I learned from that biography both mentally and physically.

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