Artist Series Trucker Hats (12/36)

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Trucker hats have made a comeback! Inspired by the beauty of the Western landscape, Jackson Hole-based artist, Abby Paffrath, has created super unique, funky, one of a kind hats using a traditional Indonesian art form known as Batik; a wax resist dye technique used to create images and patterns on fabrics.

A bright take on wildlife and nature images, it’s easy to see Abby’s deep-seated love of the great outdoors. Colorful animals, winding rivers, exploding sunsets, crashing waves…Art 4 All inspires you to get up, get out and go explore! With hats and accessories for guys, gals and kids, Art 4 All is a shoo-in for the top gift of the year!

Contributors: Katie Rose Cronin from Art 4 All by Abby Paffrath 

Written by Ben Skute

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