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Targeted nutrition superfood bars, a first of their kind on the market! Three of them are vegan (the other two are beegan, containing raw honey). These would make a great gift because they contain premium superfoods not found in any other bar, and beautiful packaging with fun branding. 

Contributors: Andrea Spirov from B.O.S.S. Food Co

Written by Ben Skute


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  1. Amazing product and not just for Vegens These are the best, yum, and its hard to believe how healthy they are. Love the company too.
    Suzanne Jaffe Stillman
    Inventor/ CEO FiberWater

  2. These bars are great. Good for snacking when you are on the run. I am on 5/2 fasting regiment and one bar on my fast days fills me up with minimal calories.

  3. These bars are amazing! First time I tried them I was blown away with the taste and immediately bought a case. I really like how filling they are.

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