Be A Big Fish In A Small Pond (8/32)

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The way a startup and a corporation hires are much different. Startups look to hire individuals that don’t need much training, that have specific skills and abilities, and that they can trust with certain responsibilities. In comparison, large corporations often hire to fill their job vacancies, with less focus on deeply vetting to find the exact candidate they need.

They have budgets to train individuals who don’t already have the specific skills needed, and they can afford to put full teams around an individual to successfully deliver projects. Startups on the other hand, don’t have the financial cushion that these large corporations have and need particular people who can deliver specific skills and fit into the overall culture of the startup. As a result, when you work at a startup, you’re there for a reason – and you’re not just another minnow getting dropped into the ocean. Your skills often feel more meaningful to a startup than it often feels in a big-corp environment.

Contributors: Michael Sims from ThinkLions

Written by Zak Parker

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