Bed Placement (4/6)

The number one tip for arranging a bedroom to get the best Feng Shui is command position. Placing the bed in a way that you can see the entrance/doorway from your bed but diagonally from the door and not in direct alignment with the door is the most optimal. If the room layout allows, place your bed against a solid wall and not in front of a window.

Making sure there’s room on both sides of the bed is also great especially if you are looking for a partner in life. If you are looking for that special someone and your bed is against the wall, I recommend shifting the bed away from the wall and placing a nightstand there, one for each side of the bed if possible. Also, make sure your bedroom is not cluttered and there’s enough space to move around freely without bumping into furniture.

Contributors: Marina V. Umali from Marina V Design Studio

Written by Taegan Lion

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