Black Sleeveless Gilet Jacket (5/9)

What do you like about this piece?

Liam: It’s simple for a gilet and the nylon fabric is the only fabric that should be used for gilets. Sometimes you can get gilets that are made up of cotton (like the Hollister ones) and they just don’t look good. It has to have the shiny finish.

What do you NOT like about this piece?

Liam: I’m not much a fan of gilet’s, they are a difficult one to pull off. I’d say if this came in a red it would be a standout piece of clothing. The black is a bit boring, for a jacket that is supposed to make you stand out.

What do you think would go well with this piece?

Liam: Definitely a long sleeve tee or a sweat. These can be cheap and not branded as the gilet will cover most of the sweat/tee.

Written by Nathaniel Fried

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