Bosch Compact Blaze Laser Distance Measure (6/20)

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From the Contributor: For years I have struggled with measuring tape! Buyers ask me how tall, wide, long something is. For listings I need to measure the rooms: I would pull out a measuring tape, I needed ttow people to measure, and it would take several minutes to get it all figured out. Heaven forbid there were several measurements that the client wanted to take. 

This particular laser distance measure has been my saving grace. I don’t think, it has ever taken me more than 5 seconds to measure something. It’s small -perfect for even a small purse, it’s light, precise and easy. There are several more detailed models out there, but I usually just need the distance, so this small tool is perfect! 

Contributor: Susanna Haynie from Colorado Real Estate Group

Written by Ben Skute

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