Built to Last by James C. Collins (9/18)

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Written by the best-selling author of Good To Great, Jim Collins’ follow-up book, Built To Last, has sold more than one million copies in its own right. Collins (formerly on the faculty of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business) based this comprehensive paperback (370 pages cover-to-cover) on a six-year Stanford research project.

During that research, Collins (and his co-author Jerry Porras) examined the histories of 18 exceptional companies (from their initial origins to their current levels of success as large corporations) and looked for the common practices that these organizations followed to achieve their remarkable achievements and long-lasting prosperity. Built To Last is filled with dozens upon dozens of real-world examples, and can be thought of as a blueprint for achieving lasting organizational success.

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Contributors: Timothy G. Wiedman from Doane College

Written by Taegan Lion

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