Chungking Mansions (2/31)

A five-block thriving international city landmark. Home to more than 4000 residents from a variety of Asian and African countries, Chungking Mansions also features a diverse multicultural commercial business promenade, a mall and guesthouses.

Located in probably the busiest part of the city, the massive Chungking Mansions look like a small city within a city. There are hostel-like guest houses for the adventurous traveler on a budget, and a sprawling three-story commercial arcade and mall. It’s a popular destination for goods and services of all kinds, for example this is where you shop for clothing, food and household items from all over Africa and Asia. A wide variety of restaurants make for a unique dining experience. Chungking Mansions is also an official business place where you can do things like get your currency exchanged.

Contributors: Caroline Duterque from Jack and Ferdi

Written by Ben Skute

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