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Best Nail Clipper for Blind or Visually Impaired - ClipDifferent Pro

"It gives me one more way to be independent." -Rick Zeidler (Vision Loss) ClipDifferent believes that everyone is the hero of their own journey. And we've had the great fortune to talk to a few of our own heroes as they discuss their path and how one small thing can have such an amazing impact.

With more than 107MM people over the age of 50 experiencing the effects of aging through arthritis, MS or Parkinson’s, the simplest daily task – like cutting your fingernails—becomes one of the most difficult. Enter the start-up, ClipDifferent, which is launching its first product this month and is the first to market with this type of fingernail cutting solution.

Contributors: Jenna Croymans from Maccabee PR

Written by Ben Skute

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