Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher (6/14)

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The plot is set in war torn England during World War II and features the adventures of a young woman named Judith who is coming of age and has joined the Women’s Royal Naval Service. Judith is befriended and accepted into an incredibly kind and prominent family who adopts her as their own while her parents are abroad, and she’s swept into a glitzy life filled with glamour and intrigue. 

There is a particularly beautiful, and pivotal, scene in which Judith spends Christmas in a festive and gorgeous mansion nestled in Rosemullion, Cornwall and it will draw the reader right in, wishing they were there. The novel is quite lengthy, a beautiful saga that is best read while curled up by a comforting fire with a soft blanket and a warm cup of tea. A wonderful holiday read for those looking to be swept away to a poignant and enchanting time. 

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Contributor: Chelly Bosworth from Chelly Bosworth, LLC

Written by Taegan Lion

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