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The future of self-driving cars and lorries will be one of rider need-state versus simply going from Point A to Point B. As vehicles become self-driving, the configuration of the automobile can change dramatically. The seats won’t have to all face the same way, the windows won’t have to be visible all the time and the size of the vehicles can vary. This opens up a tremendous opportunity to provide transportation that fits a varied range of rider needs.

For example, a vehicle can be configured for sleeping, watching a movie, having a meeting, eating, etc. When summoning the self-driving vehicle, a selection will be need-state to ensure they receive the right experience for what they are trying to accomplish. This need state will transform the idea of ownership to subscription, where a rider can select the “experience” they are looking on a case-by-case basis, versus a specific make and model.

Contributors: Paul Miser from Chinatown Bureau

Written by Zak Parker

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