Daring Greatly (12/19)

I feel like this book really handles the emotional side of mental toughness. What I love about it is that it addresses the notion that mental toughness doesn’t necessarily mean not feeling emotions. It’s not necessarily that feeling insecurity and vulnerability are weaknesses.

As a shame and vulnerability researcher, Dr. Brown really gets to the crux of the notion that the people that can address and understand their insecurities and vulnerabilities are often the most resilient people. These are the people who can move through hardship and fear and the people that can really make moves in life.

She doesn’t shy away from the notion that resilience and having a thick skin are important, but she also makes the important distinction that feeling shame, insecurity and vulnerability are nothing if not human, and, in that sense, are crucial for developing emotional toughness and resilience.

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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