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Consistency is key to success in business, relationships, and equally so in health. Transforming bad habits to healthy ones starts with a detailed plan of action. The first part of the plan is allocating a time frame where gym time is an absolute priority, and NO one is too busy for that. Ideally, the same time daily but not imperative.

From there, we are going to pre-program workouts so we arrive at the gym excited and ready to optimize results. Monday, Wednesday, Friday do Full Body Weights, and Tuesday, Thursday get in your cardio time. And to ensure no procrastination or regressing set reminders in your calendar and feel free to lean on friends or a family member for accountability. Within a two-week span, this will become quite possibly your favorite part of the day and one you will rarely miss.

Contributors: Tadeo Arnold from Cuerpaso fitness

Written by Ben Skute


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