Disco Sour by Giuseppe Porcaro (5/7)

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Disco Sour by Giuseppe Porcaro

Disco Sour is an existential odyssey of a heartsick politician trying to save a war-torn, post-austerity Europe from algorithmic autocracy.

Giuseppe described the writing of Disco Sour as an experimental, collaborative project. He held community events such as: art shows to see how people would react to certain concepts in his novel, parties to use as inspiration for pivotal “party scenes” in the book, political discussion panels to brainstorm about the dystopian Europe he was writing, and interactive worldbuilding workshops. Each of these events contributed to Disco Sour’s narrative, bettered Giuseppe as a writer, and built anticipation for his upcoming book. Readers became part of the story, helping create the world of the novel simply by showing up and taking part.

If that doesn’t sound like a modern, interesting way to go about publishing a novel, we’re not sure what does.

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