Dress the Part (2/4)

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Make sure you’re donning the appropriate attire for the party. You can double check (or triple, if you’re feeling anxious!) your outfit by checking out this youtube synopsis on the decade or digging into Pinterest. For ladies, a mid-length poodle skirt and white socks paired with saddle shoes is a great bet. Pair ‘em with a curled ponytail and chiffon ascot and you’re going for costume gold! For the gal who may be more of a Rizzo, opt for a sleek pink ladies jacket, some leather cigarette pants and heels for a sexy Grease look. For the guys, opt for a bowling shirt and slacks. Slick your hair back and do your best to channel Danny Zucko and Elvis.

Written by Darcy Cudmore

Darcy Cudmore is a blogger and former Journalist. He enjoys the online world! Get in touch: [email protected].

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