Executive Career Advancement by Lorenzo G. Flores (6/12)

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Career advancement is as American as apple pie. Learning to manage the political side of your career is an investment in your livelihood. No matter what your dream job is–getting it and holding on to it will be competitive, complex, and intense. We need creative ways of thinking and new tools to deal with 21st-century career challenges. After reading this book you will have a better grasp of :

  • The Career Advancement Equation _______+ _______ + _______+ _______= Promotion
  • Conventional Wisdom Model Promotions are based on performance and merit
  • Real World Model How people are actually promoted
  • Improve your political IQ for career advancement
  • Self-assessment tools—know your strengths and limits

This book presents an eye-opening 30,000-foot view of the who, what, when, where, why and how of career advancement politics. After reading it you will have new insights and tools to keep you ahead of the political learning curve.

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Contributors: Lorenzo G, Flores from Executive Career Advancement Politics

Written by Taegan Lion

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