ExtremeStart(tm) Firestarter from Pine Mountain (16/39)

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Starting a hot fire is just as essential to a cookout as having a good grill, cooking tools, and signature rub. Pine Mountain makes the fire starting process simple so you have more time to enjoy hanging out with your friends and family. The ExtremeStart(tm) Firestarter is perfect for cooking with charcoal grills, wood barbeque grills, and smokers. 

The ExtremeStart is small, easy-to-use, and mess free. Simply place the firestarter on the grill grate and light the wrapper at the indicated arrows. Then, set your charcoal on top of the starter and watch the coals turn gray in minutes for the perfect barbecue. 

Contributor: Sheila Tayebi Hughes from 360 Public Relations Plus

Written by Ben Skute

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