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Smartphones can help or hurt as they can distract too. My favorite apps are Beachbody On Demand, Nike Training Club, Nike Running Club, Couch to 5k, and Sworkit. Beachbody has a huge selection of programs you can do and for the home workout person, this one is great. It has a variety of levels of programs for men and women that help you to stretch, do cardio, bodyweight, or limited weights home workouts in 30 minutes or less. 

They also have some yoga and pilates programs too. You can put the app on a mobile device but I would suggest you stream it to a TV. They are very cost effective if you are looking to avoid going to the gym. Nike Training Club is a fantastic app that for working out at home or at the gym. You can select the intensity, equipment available, and time available to help tune the workout. You can also do some workouts designed by professional athletes. Whatever your skill level, it has options and the videos and audio cues give you tips on form and instructions. Nike Running Club is very similar and each will build personalized plans for you with notifications to remind you to stay on track. Couch to 5K is similar to the program the doctor above had mentioned. It’s a real gradual program that helps you get going with running. Sworkit is my workout in a pinch option. Truth be told, I used to this in my office between therapy clients on a break. Even if you have 5 minutes, it’s fantastic. 

Contributors: William Schroeder from Just Mind 

Written by Ben Skute

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