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We work with a lot of startup companies and when they have a new product to unleash, it’s only natural they’d want to show it off. Some startups we work with turn to us to make them a video for their startup. However, we have needed to ask some startups to hold off on a video until they have the product formed. Given how important a new video might seem to startups, many make the mistake of focusing on their presentation first, rather than the product. This is the wrong way to go about things.

A video is certainly an essential part of a marketing campaign, but that doesn’t mean a startup should jump in the deep end. Before we start planning their video, we need them to be able to explain what their product does, and why it can help people. If they aren’t able to do this, then we let them know it might be time to go back to do some fine tuning. Plus, they’ll want their video to really sell their product, and it can’t do this if they haven’t identified their product’s niche.

A well-made video will only be as strong as the product, and in such a crowded marketplace, the product itself has to do a lot of the talking, as people have become savvier to marketing techniques. A video is a vital part of the whole selling process, but it can only work if there is a clear, strong product behind it.

Contributors: Mike Vannelli from Envy Creative

Written by Zak Parker

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