George Kohlrieser. Hostage at the Table: How Leaders Can Overcome Conflict, Infuence Others, and Raise Performance (3/5)

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The author of the book, professor Kohlrieser, is experienced in risky negotiations. Based on his knowledge, he wrote a book that considers the negotiation process from the point of view of leadership and decision-making issues. By establishing concrete concepts and using the hostage situations terminology professor Kohlrieser states that one of the most difficult challenges for negotiators is to break out of the psychological trap and “stop being a hostage to their own beliefs”.

Quoting anecdotes and examples from his personal experience, the author stresses the utmost importance of a personal connection that the negotiator needs to establish with the other party in order to secure a deal. The book suggests ways and methods to overcome misunderstanding, helps the readers grasp the importance of trust and teaches them to deal with the “norm of reciprocity”, a social phenomenon that drives people even when they are not willing to exchange concessions.

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