Give Yourself Permission To Eat (9/9)

The best way to stop a food preoccupation in its tracks is to give yourself permission to eat. Intuitive Eating is getting back in touch with your innate knowledge the knowledge you were born with. We are born understanding hunger and satiety (fullness) cues. As we get older and experience body dissatisfaction and social pressures, we start to restrict our nutrition intake in the hopes that we can be smaller. This restriction leads to cravings, cravings lead to overindulgence, and overindulgence leads to guilt and shame then covered up by more forbidden food. Giving yourself permission to eat, and to enjoy, foods that you love and gettingback in touch with your body signals is the best way to free up the valuable mental real estate being taken up with food obsession. If you’re interested in ditching the diet mentality, and pursuing true and comprehensive health without the food obsession, look at Intuitive Eating.

Contributors: Yaffi Lvova from Baby Bloom Nutrition

Written by Ben Skute

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