Hands-free, wearable safety light (9/24)

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MangataLites are perfect for any type of nighttime or low-light activity, from running, cycling, hiking, and rock climbing! Their LEDS provide a 135-degree radial arc of light up to 40 feet ahead to increase the wearer’s visibility. These rechargeable gloves have reflective strips and accents, keep your hands free, and are extremely lightweight. They come in 3 primary styles: The Sling, half-length and full length for all weather types and are the perfect accessories to take on your next climb!

The gloves have reflective strips and accents to help the pedestrian be seen. When the founder lost her husband to cancer she began to use running as her outlet. She developed these gloves so that she could run in the early morning or later in the evening—it was her way of lighting her own personal darkness and became a message of true hope and inspiration for her.

Contributors: Kimberly Giannelli from In The Lights PR

Written by Ben Skute

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