Hero (A short film about sacrifice) (5/13)

Hero (A short film about sacrifice)

Hero. What does that mean? What do you think of when you hear it? The word hero takes on a whole different meaning when looked at in a different light. Heroes are the ones that sacrifice for our good without us sometimes even knowing it. Who expect nothing in return even though they give you everything.The story of “Hero” follows a girl named Grace. She lives with her dad and brother outside Nashville Tennessee. Her dad raises her and her brother, and teaches them many life lessons that would apply later in their lives. The story shows how important relationships are with your family, and that heroes don’t always have to save the world. Sometimes, people are to quick to put a specific definition on the word, and the team at CITC Productions wants to put a different perspective on what a hero can be. We want to bring the story to life with stunning visuals, and engaging characters.

Written by Elijah Perry

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