High Sierra Explorer 55L Top Load Internal Frame Backpack (1/7)

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As a person who backpacks internationally the best carry-on luggage is the luggage you can carry on your back! I have been using the High Sierra Explorer 55L Top Load Internal Frame Backpack for about 5 years through Asia, South America, and Europe. 

This backpack is amazing due to the multiple compartments that are easily accessible. There is a separate shoe section at the bottom which was rooming enough for about 3 pairs of shoes and if need be you could access the main compartment from the bottom which is important. There is also a side zipper to access the main compartment, and lastly, there are various methods of close the bag. 

This is stepping outside the box of what a carry-on piece of luggage can look like. Also, it is so well-priced at under $80 for 55L. A price that can’t be beaten. 

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Contributor: Jen Fry from JenFryTalks

Written by Nathaniel Fried

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