Ho Lee Fook Cantonese Restaurant (4/31)

Try some trendy food in the funky part of SoHo. In Hong Kong, SoHo is the entertainment district located south of Hollywood Road, packed with restaurants, bars and cafes. Try Ho Lee Fook, a fun and funky landmark for Cantonese pub fare.

With its upbeat vibe and trendy decor, Ho Lee Fook is designed to bring to mind old school after-hours Chinatown. Maybe because it appeals so much to English speaking visitors, the menu is pretty basic, nothing too adventurous, but it’s all pretty good. SoHo is a great walking area anyway, and Ho Lee Fook is fun to grab a table and order a bunch of different things to share.

Contributors: Caroline Duterque from Jack and Ferdi

Written by Ben Skute

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