How Can I Help? by Sherrie Dunlevy (3/46)

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Everyone has a friend who has grieved the death of a family member, or gone through a divorce, or been diagnosed with cancer or who has even lost their job. But not everyone knows what to do or say to that friend when something like this happens.

Now they do.

“How Can I Help/“ gives specific tips and suggestions of what you can do and say that will help your friend when he or she needs it most.

For men, in particular, this can be most challenging, but this easy to read guide can help them find the perfect words and do the simplest of things that can help someone they care about get through these difficult times in life, feeling loved and supported.

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Contributors: Sherrie Dunlevy from Spirit Stikes Publishing

Written by Taegan Lion


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  1. Excellent book ,the read was easy. I completed it in one day .Great advice for helping other people when in need. A great source of information to have available.

  2. Wish my husband had read this book after I was diagnosed with cancer; he fell apart & could not cope with his own diabetic disease.

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