How to Make Money in Stocks (12/13)

O’Neil explains the characteristics that have historically been found in winning growth stocks and his CANSLIM method he uses to select stocks for his portfolio.

CANSLIM is also the basis for O’Neil’s newspaper—Investor’s Business Daily which makes it easy for investors to screen for stocks that meet his CANSLIM criteria. O’Neil’s approach to selecting stocks combines screening for fundamental characteristics such as strong, consistent earnings and revenue growth and technical analysis to identify stocks with strong current price momentum.

I use his approach to select stocks for my Momentum Growth strategy, which was up 46.6% last year net of fees and is up over 17% this year. However, I use my own proprietary strategy in determining when to sell stocks. I recommend How to Make Money in Stocks to all of the interns who have worked for me Steel Peak Wealth Management.

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