The Hunger Kitchen part 1: Somaliland (14/16)

Plumpy Sup seller in Tog Wajaale The Hunger Kitchen part 1: Somaliland

Millions of people all around the world receive food aid, which they often don’t know how to use. Calculated to provide minimal and essential nutrients, food aid often doesn’t correspond to cultural values. Combining 20 years of humanitarian work in conflict zones with 30 years of cooking, art and adventure, we – Gilles Stassart and Robert Kluijver – will go to Somaliland in April 2017 to help beneficiaries use the food aid they receive in novel ways. The recipes will be shared among beneficiaries on social media and the project will be blogged about in the French newspaper Liberation and on other sites; and at least one exhibition will showcase the results of the project, including the cooking results. We expect to follow up on this project in different locations soon afterwards.

Written by Robert Kluijver

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