Huxton's odor-proof backpack (14/14)

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With the holiday travel season quickly approaching, you are going to need to stash your stash to keep it safe, concealed, and handy while on-the-go…without sacrificing style or swag. Huxton, one of the leading experience-based cannabis brands in the U.S., has launched a collection of scent-proof travel bags that are a must-have for people on-the-go. 

The travel bag collection is not only double-lined for the highest industry standard of odor protection, but they are water resistant and lockable, too, making them a must to protect your goods. Huxton’s scent-proof travel collection features bags available in three sizes, including a high volume backpack, a toiletry bag ideal for carrying your compact goods, and a pocket protector ideal for a go-to pouch or when you just need to conceal the essentials. Designed for the “experience aficionado” looking to enjoy proudly while traveling, Huxton’s inconspicuous smell-proof bags can be used by themselves or stashed together for your smell-proof carrying style and cannabis concealing needs.

The travel gear collection starts at $15.

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Contributor: Chelsea Johnson from HUXTON

Written by Nathaniel Fried

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