I by Waeil Borhan (21/42)

I by new age author Waeil Borhan, would be a perfect read for anyone looking to get inspired. No book does a better job of reminding the reader about oneself than I. This novel encourages readers to look within and make the choice to live by their own truth instead of societal standards. Because life is not just about serving the ego it’s about finding our own individual paths to happiness and inspiration though self-reflection.

I discusses how to figure out one’s purpose in life through reflection and guidance from the author. The author steps in various times throughout the book to remind the reader that it is okay to ask questions, because only through questions can a person figure out who they really are and what sets them apart from the crowd. The novel also dissects other areas of self-experience such as the ego, paradigms, humanity and a person’s relationship with God. I offers tools to help the reader examine the paradigm by which they are living.

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Contributor: Amy Hernandez from Amy Levy Public Relations

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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