Incoming Vampire Resurgence (8/16)

I think there has been a mislabeled push for “elevated genre” that claims some horror films are more artistically valid than others and I don’t believe that is true. However, I do believe that the best parts of these “elevated” films will carry forward and create the next trend in horror filmmaking. I hope to see the exploration of issues through specific heroes and villains points of view in more films going forward. It will allow the stories to become more universal and to step away from the trap of being “four girls go to a cottage and a mad scientist kills them” schlock. There will always be those low budget, kind of lazy, horror films, but I believe the industry as the whole (and its audiences) are asking for more. Also, give it another five years, and I’m thinking vampires will have a strong come back. I love vampires.

Contributor: Ryan LaPlante from

Written by James Metcalfe

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