Increase and automate more relevant content (1/4)

We do this by using IFTTT to connect Feedly and Buffer. First things first, what are all of these applications? 

Feedly is a news aggregator platform for various publications. You can follow the media that is most relevant to your audience and then stay on top of the latest news. 

Buffer is a social media management platform allowing a user to schedule social media posts. You can indicate the times you want Buffer to tweet on your behalf. 

IFTTT is a web-based service that creates chains of simple conditional statements, called applets. IFTTT acts in a similar way to how Zapier connects many different software and applications. 

So, now that we have the definitions down. What’s the end goal? 

Well, by providing IFTTT some rules to go by, the service can push certain content from Feedly to Buffer on our behalf. We already provided Buffer the rules of what times of day to publish, so Buffer merely stores these articles and tweets them throughout the day. 

There are several different applets available on IFTTT at the moment. The easiest one to implement is “send new items appearing in a Feedly category to buffer”. This requires no ongoing effort on your part, as you have already indicated the relevant and trusted publications to draw this content from. 

Boom! You now ensured that there is relevant, interesting content being pushed throughout the day to your Twitter audience.

Written by Nikki

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