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A student should be on the lookout for student as well as volunteer activities they can use for ‘experience’ in their resume as they are building it during their student attendance, including:

  • Student Government or on-campus non-profits activities, including volunteer or ‘office’ elections and tasking
  • Any non-profit activities they are involved with (paid or unpaid) for external charitable organizations Note any special awards – Dean’s List, Scholarships awarded, or special recognition by ‘higher level’ institution entities (Dean, President, etc.)
  • If you are working – even part-time, that should be listed on the resume, no matter how ‘lowly’ the job seems to be – even a waitress has activities and tasking that can be turned into accomplishments that can be ‘crowed about’ (e.g., responsible for X tables per four-hour shift, with an average dinner ticket of $XXX and average bar tab of $XXX with total shift sales of $XXXX per shift).

Contributors: Dawn D. Boyer, Ph.D. from  Boyer Consulting

Written by Ben Skute

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