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You are much more likely to retain your employees if they are happy in their jobs. Even if they receive better offers from other companies, they will feel they have a lot to lose if they leave a company they are happy at, so they will be less likely to resign. Of course, there are a lot of factors that contribute to an employee’s overall happiness. As well as a fair salary and a valuable benefits package, employees also need a comfortable working space and a happy working environment.

In general, to retain employees, you should create a happy company culture. Create a relaxed, social atmosphere for your employees to work in to reduce stress levels and keep staff happy. As well as this, you will need to recognize their milestones and achievements so that they feel valued. Organise social events for employees that are tailored to their preferences. Don’t take staff go-karting if they’d prefer to just watch a film with a few beers and relax. Treat them to lunch occasionally, too. There really is no single secret rule to help to keep all of your employees happy, but all of these things together will certainly help.

Contributors: Steve Pritchard from ASPLI 

Written by Zak Parker

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