Key Business Analytics by Bernard Marr (3/10)

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Two other great reads for accountants would be Key Business Analytics and Key Performance Indicators both written by Bernard Marr. These books provide hands-on guidance to any accounting professional – whether it’s the management accountant or financial accountant – on how to define and setup the appropriate data analytics frameworks and measurement systems that alligns with the company og client company’s strategy.

These books really provide a business strategic approach to data analytics, goal setting and meassurements, which accountants can get alot of great inspiration from. Also paying attention to the pieces of information that are harder to quantify. Accountants need to allign their mindset and language with the more strategic functions of their company or client company – typically the CEO or strategic CFO – and produce and communicate more insights from a growing mass of information and datapoints.

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Contributors: Mads Hennelund from Nextwork

Written by Taegan Lion

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