Kindred Spirit Mailbox: Sunset Beach, Brunswick Islands, NC (26/51)

The perfect secluded spot for a proposal with the waves crashing in the background, The Kindred Spirit Mailbox invites those who can find it to write down their innermost thoughts, prayers, wishes and dreams. The Kindred Spirit Mailbox is located one mile down the beach from the nearest public access point on one of the best beaches in the world according to National Geographic, Sunset Beach, and tucked away in the sand dunes of Bird Island (part of Sunset Beach). Inside the mailbox are small notebooks for writing and reading whatever one’s heart desires. The serene walk to and from the mailbox allows for time to connect with a loved one along the scenic shoreline. Adding to the romance, it’s the ideal place for Nicholas Sparks’ fans to create a Sparks-worthy proposal as Kindred Spirit served as the inspiration for Sparks’ highly anticipated 20th novel, Every Breath. 

Contributors: Rachel Holt from Pineapple Public Relations 

Written by Taegan Lion

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