Laugh, Love, Lick Chocolate Frosting by Zakiyya Rosebelle (17/46)

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Zakiyya Rosebelle’s Laugh, Love, Lick Chocolate Frosting is a book that will warm your heart and soothe your soul any time you read it. Within the pages of the book, you will uncover kind words, beautiful thoughts, and sweet voyages that will show you how to face life’s challenges with optimism and strength through simple, delightful tips and practices.

The book echoes the voice of a true friend, always reminding you that you are a beautiful part of this world. Laugh, Love, Lick Chocolate Frosting is a modern-day fairytale with self-love, adventure, and you as the main character. It is about learning to love yourself, following your dreams, and beautifying your life so you can discover true happiness from within.

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Contributors: Zakiyya Rosebelle from Happy Rosy Day & Sweet Little Luxuries 

Written by Taegan Lion

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