Lead With The Positive! (3/6)

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A great way to set boundaries with the girlfriend is to lead with the positive! Don’t start with, hey babe I want to set boundaries. That is going to give your a personal invitation for a party of 1 in the dog house. 

Instead say how much you would like to create a date night together designated for you and her to get closer and more intimate time, more intimate then spreading halfhearted effort throughout the week. Then you say, that way we can have our time, then I can have time with the guys and my alone time. Whatever boundaries you want to set come right after you prime her for imprinting the boundaries you want to on her. That sounds horrible, but psychologically speaking. Mean it to, don’t use this as an excuse. Follow through and make the date day count for all its worth. 

Contributors: Chris Cucchiara from PersonalDevelopFit

Written by Ben Skute

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