Leave the Mind Reading to the Psychics (5/12)

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We’ve all been in a relationship where we get lost in our thoughts and feelings about that person. Sometimes we really want a relationship and like the person we are dating so we may not tell your partner what you need or want from that person early on in the relationship. Since the relationship changes (and hopefully evolves and you two grow closer) your boundaries may change too.

For example, your partner doesn’t call you when he is on a business trip. That may be okay at the start of a relationship, but as intimacy grows the behaviours may need to change in order for the relationship to flourish. It comes down to expectations and boundaries. Healthy relationships involve boundaries. Ideally, boundaries are discussed upfront, but if that isn’t possible then tell your partner at the first opportunity.

Communication skills are needed if a couple is going to talk about their expectations for the relationship. An easy way to communicate your expectation is, I feel_______ when you______. That will allow for clear communication as you share your feelings. Boundaries change, so be patient with your partner but communicate your expectations to your partner and leave the mind reading for the psychic.

Contributors: Gabrielle Freire from Gabrielle Freire Therapy

Written by Ben Skute

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