Listen: There Are No Shortcuts in Love (2/28)

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People have amassed several experiences in life by the time they’re dating. There are ideas, conscious and unconscious, from those experiences that impact each of our viewpoints when it comes to what it means to love and to be loved. So since love isn’t a one-size-fits all prescription, listening to what your partner is actually saying is crucial to them feeling loved.

Are they deeply touched when you take something off of their plate around the house? When you buy them that item they offhandedly mentioned they really liked? When you think of things to do to spend quality time together? We have ideas about what we think love is, and at times can impose those ideas on our partners. Do you go through elaborate lengths to plan a surprise party, which is something you really enjoy doing, when in fact your partner would really prefer an intimate night out?

They may see the effort in your attempts to love, but to truly feel loved, doing something they appreciate, or being with them in a way they find meaningful, will connect you both more deeply in your relationship.

Contributors: Wanda Duncan from Asha Live Breathe Heal 

Written by Ben Skute

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