Live true to your values (5/33)

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When you know where you are going in life, personally and professionally, and know why you are where you are, it’s easier to care less about others. Why would other people matter if you cared more about what you were doing and working towards? Your values, attitudes and beliefs, are the source of personal meaning and motivation. If you know your values and integrate them into your everyday life and relationships, you will care less about what others are doing. When you find fulfillment in your life, there is no need to compare yourself to others, because you are enough. Too often we strive for happiness, an emotion, but emotions are not supposed to be constant. Emotions are regulated by your hormones to motivate you to do or not to do something, and achieving that thing, doesn’t keep you happy, it actually stops you from being happy. Fulfillment or personal meaning is a constant, and if you can create fulfillment by living true to your values you will stop comparing yourself to others, and be content with where you are in life. 

Contributors: Benjamin Ritter from Live for Yourself Consulting

Written by Ben Skute

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