Lived-In Design (14/19)

Gone are the days of stark or stale design. Today’s top designs are thoughtful, reflective of the people who use the space, and tend to have a lived-in feel. Basically, this is permission to not feel pressure to design by the books.

Think about how you use the space and allow your design to reflect that. Even down to the details like where you drop your keys and charge your phone. Consider the details.

Do you hate making your bed? No problem. Choose bedding that reflects that with this simple modern bedding with a soft wrinkled look.

Is your bathroom design a cause for constant headache? Let’s address it. Adding bathroom storage can be functional and make a design statement, like this black accent cart.

Are you a tech junkie and want fewer cords lying around? Consider adding power grommets to some of your furniture for a quick and easy place to juice up that doesn’t break the bank.

A simple grommet like the one below only requires a hole saw (this piece attaches to any standard drill) and access to a power outlet behind the piece of furniture. (The grommet plugs right into the wall outlet, hidden from sight!)

Contributor: Kayla Hein | Creative Director | Practicing architect and designer for Tulsa design and architecture firm, GH2.


Written by Nathaniel Fried

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