Look Inside Yourself (15/60)

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Stop looking outside yourself for what healthy means and how to get there; instead, tune into what makes you feel healthy/joyful as opposed to simply happy in the moment, and figure out how to work more of that into your life. One of those massive coffee/dessert drinks may make you feel good in the moment, and later you probably suffer from blood sugar crashes, feelings of guilt, and weight gain if you have one daily. Going for a brisk walk may not feel as good in the moment, and it will make you feel healthier and guilt-free or even joyful. Even all that advice on self-care can be a booby trap, another should we impose on ourselves. Should is just another dirty word that starts with s-h! I like to say that self care is what Cosmo tells you to do; soul care is what the Cosmos tells you to do! 

Contributors: Liza Baker from Simply: Health Coaching

Written by Ben Skute

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