Lost in the Kitchen? by Cynthia MacGregor (1/15)

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Can you barely tell your stove from your fridge? Are you baffled by the difference between a clove of garlic and a clove, unsure what a recipe means by “parboil,” buffaloed when shopping anywhere but the frozen foods department of the supermarket? Help is at hand! In this very user-friendly book I wrote that takes you all the way from shopping through storage (how long will different foods keep?) and on into cooking, you’ll find all the answers you need.. Lost in the Kitchen? will be your faithful companion till you’re not lost any longer…and even then, you’ll find yourself referring to it as you tackle such problems as what to substitute for an ingredient you don’t have on hand or how long you need to cook a 14-lb turkey or a 5-lb pork roast. There are even recipes that you—yes, you!—will be able to cook with ease in no time…and serve proudly to family and/or friends.

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Contributor: Cynthia (Cyn) MacGregor 

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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