Love Worth Keeping (7/26)

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One good reason to forgive a cheating spouse is because you genuinely want to continue with the marriage. Usually the only reason for that after being hurt deeply is enduring love. You have to choose the love over the hurt and decide if your relationship is worth overcoming betrayal. You should also only choose to forgive if you think you’re able to actually let yourself heal and have a positive relationship again. If you believe you should get to punish your spouse for as long as you want for infidelity, you may cross the line into being abusive and the marriage will never recover. Forgiving isn’t just continuing the marriage while holding on to anger and hurt, it’s actually letting go and actively practicing trust again. Your spouse will never be able to make you heal, even if they’re trying hard to regain your trust. Only you can decide to heal then pursue healing.

Contributors: NaDasha Elkerson from Love Worth Keeping Relationship Coaching

Written by Ben Skute

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