Magical, Glow in The Dark 13 Piece Fairy Garden Accessory Set (1/50)

Because everyone needs a little magic! Wild Pixy’s beautiful new handcrafted and painted creation is a ‘Glow in the Dark 13 Piece Fairy Garden Set’ that comes complete with a beautiful designer Gift Box.


  • Solar Glow in the Dark House – you know when the fairies are home!
  • Glow in Dark Pebbles!
  • Opening door on Fairy House. – perfect for Fairies coming and going!
  • Professionally Designed in the USA.
  • All of the pieces relate to each other (unlike competitors!)
  • High-quality durable Polyresin with a protective UV coating.
  • Lovingly Handcrafted and Hand Painted.

Spanning the generations Wild Pixy is loved by young and old. Why? Because they have created interactive garden accessories AND a magical experience! In a fast paced world they have provided an experience away from screens and technology and instead allow people to experience connection! Connection with nature, themselves, family, and the magic of childhood – no matter your age!

A great way to grow memories with your granddaughter!

Contributor: Melissa Davies from Wild Pixy

Written by Ben Skute


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  1. This pixie garden set is so well made- such a great gift, especially with Christmas just around the corner. Very well priced and my daughter loves hers.

  2. This is such a stunning gift; supporting imaginary play, play-based learning, appreciation and care of nature and the environment.

  3. This has to be the most adorable gift idea ever, it allows fun, using your imaganation, and best of all you can use it anywhere ?

  4. I so love that this gift is not technology based and will encourage my grandchildren to spend time in nature with me. That sold me on this product, plus the creator has done a super job at piecing together something that feels like a special gift.

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